Traveling to Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein TravelingBloemfontein Traveling
Bloemfontein TravelingBloemfontein Traveling


Bloemfontein as a popular tourist destination has many exciting activity options for visitors to this beautiful city.

Activities range from thrilling to the more sedate depending on what you seek.

When in doubt always contact the local tourism office who will be more than happy to help with recommendations to suit your needs.

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Traveling to Bloemfontein

The city of Bloemfontein can be found in South Africa, in between Cape Town and Johannesburg. If you want to go to Bloemfontein, there are a number of ways for you to get there. You can get there by plane, by train, by car and by bus. Before arranging which method of transport you will use to get to the city, do your research online. You will be able to find telephone numbers which you can use to enquire about services and there costs so as to plan the best vacation to suit your budget. If you have any health conditions you may also want to find out which route is the safest to take as well as which method of transport will cause you the least amount of stress.

By Plane
If you are already in South Africa you can enter Bloemfontein by plane. The Airport for Bloemfontein is located just outside of the city and a number of flights can be found going to and from major South African Cities. The airlines you will find include; Mango Airlines, South African Airlines and SA Airlink.

By Train
Since this city is a major rail junction in South Africa you will find that there are many and regular trains to all parts of the country. The train operators are "Spoornet" and you can find trains coming and going from Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Mthatha, Kimberley, Johannesburg, Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

By Car
Traveling by car is a good way to ensure that you will be able to travel at your own convenience. There are three major highways that pass through this city; they are the N1, N6 and the N8. The N1 is a toll road. From Cape Town to Bloemfontein you will travel approximately 1004 KM. From Johannesburg you will travel approximately 398 KM. From Maseru you will travel approximately 137 km. from Port Elizabeth you will travel approximately 677 km and from Kimberley it would be approximately 160 km.

By Bus
Some of the bus services that you will find that go into this city are the ever-popular Greyhound, as well as the Intercape Mainliner, Translux and SA Roadlink. These bus services run to the major cities and you can find links in these cities to other cities if you cannot find one bus rid to your final destination. This method is great for those persons who want the opportunity to be able to sleep if they desire and also allows them to look out at the sights they pass.

When traveling to the city of Bloemfontein there are a variety of methods of transportation you can use. If you want a quick transit time you may prefer to fly into the city but if you would like for it to be more of a sightseeing trip you can travel by either plane or bus. If you would rather a method that will allow the convenience of stopping if you wish then renting a car will be the best option.

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Bloemfontein Traveling