African with a touch of Italian, everything happens in the kitchen for Bloemfontein chef

Gerald Chifamba - Windmill Casino and Entertainment World - Bloemfontein
Gerald Chifamba - Windmill Casino and Entertainment World - Bloemfontein

African with a touch of Italian, everything happens in the kitchen for Bloemfontein chef

Easter menu delights with traditional dishes

It was family influence and the smell of freshly baked malva pudding which enticed Gerald Chifamba into the kitchen. Today, the 46-year-old is sous chef at Windmill Casino and Entertainment World in Bloemfontein.

“During family gatherings my mother could always be found in the kitchen and my nose would lead me inside to see what the delicious smells were. My aunt was also a chef, and I started experimenting in the kitchen which gave me the idea that I could make a career out of it,” Chifamba said.

After obtaining a Diploma in hotel management from City and Guilds in Zimbabwe in 2005, Chifamba and his wife Precious moved to South Africa. “I started my career working as a cook at a game reserve, before moving to Bloemfontein where I worked at various hotels.” During this time, Chifamba befriended an Italian man, who took him to Italy where he learnt how to make pizza and pasta from scratch. 

“I returned to Bloemfontein and opened my own business, making the town’s first wood fired pizza.” Chifamba later joined Windmill, where he has been filling casino guests’ tummies with a range of South African favourites including baboties, curries, stew, oxtail and pastas.

“One of my favourite dishes to cook is deboned pork ribs, roasted, served with crispy crackling. But Bloemfontein people like their lamb – be it chops, stew or curries.”

Chifamba said there was a new focus on vegan dishes, with people preferring to eat healthy food that is meat-free or grilled, and with less starch. “But our Afrikaans guests still enjoy their pap, so you have to make sure you have a balance between the two.”

His favourite piece of kitchen equipment is his two-metre deep convection oven, saying: “You can do everything in it - steam, bake and roast. I also cannot part ways with my knives; a chef cannot do anything without his knives.” His list of essential ingredients includes salt, pepper and fresh lemon. 

Unsurprisingly, his favourite food is pizza, made from scratch using fresh ingredients. “The aroma you get from it before you eat it…. all that melted cheese. Wow,” he said.

Working as a chef can often be a thankless task, but Chifamba finds joy in making a diner happy, especially if they are visiting from another country. 

“In the food world, I look up to Jamie Olivier, his recipes are up to date and I enjoy reading his books and watching him on TV.”

With Easter approaching, guests at Windmill Casino can look forward to traditional dishes including pickled fish and deboned lamb roast, served with roasted asparagus, cheese potato and a coconut cream cake for dessert. 

In his spare time, Chifamba enjoys playing with his two school-going sons. “We play chess, TV games, soccer or swim together. I also enjoy cooking for my family and helping the boys with their homework. I am proud of how well they do in school.”